What is Code Metrics Viewer?

Well, Code Metrics Viewer is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 Professional, which integrates the Code Metrics Power Tool 10.0 into the development enviroment. I came up with this utility in March this year; since that the tool was downloaded 2.700+ times and I got a lot of positive feedback from developers. I was also very happy about the fact, that the tool was mentioned by an article in Microsoft´s Visual Studio Magazine: 17 free tools for Visual Studio. Actually, I am planning to publish a new release containing a bunch of new features in the end of this summer. By now, the description page of the tool at the Visual Studio Gallery is getting longer and longer, so it´s not very user-friendly anymore. To get rid of this problem, I will use this blog to bring all the information to you…

The Code Metrics Viewer is completly free; the download can be found here: http://bit.ly/iipJuw


2 thoughts on “What is Code Metrics Viewer?

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