The /directory-option is now supported

If you have missed support for the /directory-option of the Power Tool, then the latest version (v1.3.7) might make you happy. Code Metrics Viewer allows you now to specifiy a directoy location, which can be used by the Power Tool to search for assembly dependencies.

The option can be enabled per project; all you need to do is to add a custom property to the project file; you should already be familiar with the basics of MSBuild, because I will not explain it here… Open the project file in the editor (or notepad) and add the following property-group to the contents of your project file(s) and customize the path.

   Condition="'$(CodeMetricsDependencyDirectory)' == ''"> Your path goes here </CodeMetricsDependencyDirectory>

That´s it. Code Metrics Viewer will look for that property, when you analyze the solution.


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