Small things, big impact (-:

Howdy! A new release is available. You can now open the Code Metrics Viewer from within the Solution Explorer; just right-click the solution node, there you´ll find the “Code Metrics Viewer” menu item…

The configuration of the Code Metrics Tool Path is now a bit easier… if you have successfully installed the Code Metrics Power 10.0 you can use the “Locate Metrics Tool Path”-button in the options dialog to obtain the installation folder automatically.

Hope you enjoy the new features (-:


3 thoughts on “Small things, big impact (-:

    • Hi Jason,

      The tool path can only be located, if the Code Metrics Power Tool is installed (this is an additional tool which is not part of my Visual Studio extension). Please read:

      Kind regards,

  1. I came here via Google MAybe you can put a link on the term “Code Metrics Viewer” for people who don’t know what it is and where to download it.

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