How to export reports to Excel

Sometimes it could be helpful to export the result data to Excel, in order to work with the calculated data using common reporting tools, or if one want simply prepare data for a presentation, or just show and explain metrics to people having a less technical background. The latest update (version 1.5.0) allows saving reports to Excel 2007/2010 compatible worksheets. Exported documents contain all information available by the user interface. In addition, default column filters are applied and cells with calculated values are colored – depending on the metric, scope and their current value. Rows are grouped by module, namespace, and type – so the document allows to navigate through the hierarchy very quickly. There is no special “Export” button in the UI – just select the Excel file format from the filter list within the “Save file” dialog, in order to save the report as an Excel document.


10 thoughts on “How to export reports to Excel

  1. Hi, need help…I am unable to export the results to excel file. When I click Save and the excel file does not appear in the saved location. I am currently using version for VS 2010.

    • Hi June, there was an update in autumn last year that fixed some issues with the Excel export. Just update to the latest version and try again…

      • Hi, I have installed latest version, I can export now to Excel. Thank you very much!

  2. Hi, sorry to bother you again, but it seems that the Class Coupling and Depth of Inheritance are in the wrong positions in Excel file. Also, when the Cyclomatic Complexity and the Lines of Code are more than 1,000 in value, it appears as null in Excel file.

    • No problem; any feedback is appreciated. The latest versions contain a fix for that problem…

      • Hi,

        I have installed the latest fix. Thanks! The positions of Class Coupling and Depth of Inheritance in Excel file are now correct.

        But the Cyclomatic Complexity and Lines of Code remain blank in Excel file if the values are more than 1,000.

  3. Hi, sorry to bother, would just like to ask if the Cyclomatic Complexity and Lines of Code values can be exported to excel if they are 1,000 or above. Currently the values are shown as null when I export to excel file. Thanks!

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