New release: Version 1.6.0

I migrated the WPF user interface (that I had implemented for Code Metrics Viewer 2) to the Visual Studio 2010 extension in order to address some user interface issues which have been requested by users many times. Now, the grid allows to scroll horizontally, allows to change the position of grid columns and icons have been added to namespace-, type- and member- nodes. I also removed the modal progress dialog – and added an indeterminate progress indicator to the tool window instead. The toolbar is now a native Visual Studio toolbar that uses the blue theme…



4 thoughts on “New release: Version 1.6.0

  1. Thanks, a really useful tool! I did notice a couple of quirks that may be bugs – where is the best place to post these?

  2. Hi, it looks like a really nice tool =) Unfortunately microsoft doesn´t support the Code Metrics Power Tool 10.0 anymore…the microsoft link is dead… The oldest version you can get is Code Metrics Power Tool 11… Is there a possibilty to get version 10 anywere else ? (google didn´t help me here ..)

    Thank you

    • You´re right; the application seems no longer be available via the Microsoft website… seems that other websites still offer it for download; you could give it a try… just google for it. The only thing I could provide is a hash of the public key that might help to make sure that metrics.exe is the same as the original…

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